Atelier embroidered dress no. A314


This elegant and delicate piece is a sleeveless tulle dress with a high crossed collar and closure at the back. The collar is made of silk tulle. The closure and armholes are finished by hand and the collar and closure at the back are embroidered by hand in the Atelier. The hand crafted embroidery combines delicate enveloping traces that are a feature of my work, with floral elements and beads recovered from ancient dresses. An antique quartz piece hangs from the front embroidery and moves gracefully and naturally with the body movements. The color combination in the illustration is a classic black embroidered in black. This tulle dress includes a black undergarment viscose dress with fine straps, lightweight and flexible that you can wear and enjoy as a separate piece. It will be adapted to your measurements and dress demands, in such a way it does not interfere with embroideries and décolletage. Each one of my atelier pieces is unique and has a serial number. Due to artisan crafting, the embroideries may vary in a subtle way from one dress to another.

Our pieces are born with the wish that they will be with you for many years and will adapt to your beauty changes.

We work with a single size; our patterns are the result of experience and a constant study of the feminine silhouette; the elastic fabric of our pieces adapts easily to different silhouettes and sizes, which we define between size 36 and size 46.

Aiming that the garment fits you perfectly, we retouch your piece in our Atelier, and for this reason, we ask you for your measurements. For this we will send you a personal mail. Once your order is made.