I am grateful
For every woman who walked into my world,
Who chose to wear a dress, to be herself, free, real, natural, unique.
To the women who knew to feel the love and devotion with which her dress was made.

Who knew to see the details and accuracy of the handiwork, and to see the intention of the craft and the essence that each material carries.
And who knew to cherish a garment that was made especially for her, and to carry a part of myself, of the love and light that I am.
Thank you, to each and every one of you for creating a world with me.
I am grateful for
All the passionate artists,
The magicians and fairies who walked with me during this journey side by side, both short and long moments,
And enchanted me with materials and shared their devotion to creation and magic.
Thank you so much to each and every one of you for dreaming with me.

I am grateful for life,
that springs as miraculous forms,
through lines and materials, and allows me to embrace and be present with great love, and to express myself more than I know how to with words.

Thank you

Photografer Catalog: @dayvera Photography
styling artist: @sylvia_bonet
makeup and hair artist: @estrellaelorduy
model: @gala_prats
model: @alexiacarrionn