Delivery and returns

The garment you have chosen is unique and we will manufacture it on-demand, especially for you in our Atelier. Different artisan hands will shape it, caring for each detail, and will finally adjust it to your measurements (as supplied to us by you) so it fits you perfectly.

As you can imagine, due to our unique and personal way of working, it is not possible to make changes or returns, but our philosophy is to be at your side throughout the process, listening to your needs and finding solutions when required.

The production process and shipment may last up to three months, depending on the complexity of the garment. If you want to have it before that period, let us know so we can try to speed up the process.

Your piece is made with the wish that it shall accompany you for a long time. We will be here in the Atelier patiently and with illusion for whatever you may need during its lifespan with you.

We hope that when you receive your piece, you will appreciate the love and care that it was made with, our embrace…