From a modest Atelier in Barcelona,
full of transparent and soft fabrics and dreams
I share a sincere wish to accompany
each bride carefully, with love,
to embrace her in her meaningful moment,
and sensitively escort her in her unique path.

Being a bride, as I perceive it,
Is being you- present, free, easy, feminine, unique, and aligned with your heart.

My bridal gowns are like jewels of the soul, giving comfort, moving organically with the body, authentic and delicate.
They tell an honest story, embroidered by hand, like a poem expressing the significance of this extraordinarily beautiful day in your life story.
I am here to accompany you in this ritual in a way which is precisely yours, and with the same love and tranquility you feel in my dresses

No line is completely straight, each shape has movement. Colors transform, hide shades and shadows, manifest and celebrate the passage of time and change. I love observing nature and joining the dance of life.

I write a song through embroidery,
A delicate silk thread
from my heart
joins the words together
into a dress
that accompanies the soul

Caring for all details,
Embracing your whole beauty.

I know now, as I always knew, there is movement of the fabric that expresses the essence of the soul.

Second weddings are particularly beautiful. Choosing the dress is different ritual than on the first time. We often end up combining a colored dress with light inner dress and a bright tulle shawl that insinuate a veil, delicately whispering: I am here, present, to trust love once more…

My pieces are not seasonal. They are personal and intimate.
I offer my winter brides a hand-dyed silk velvet shawl of natural color,
to embrace them on this meaningful step, on their life journey…